Feeling the Heat? Five Drought-Tolerant Plants for your Garden

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Whether it’s the long, hot days of summer or that vacation that takes you away from home, at some point your garden will get too thirsty.  As the days heat up, we’re looking for drought-tolerant plants.  We love low-maintenance and are always on the hunt for ways to save time without sacrificing style and beauty. […]

Bug Out Mosquitoes! Keep Your Garden Naturally Pest-Free

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The arrival of warm weather means beautiful flowers, blossoming fruits, and plentiful veggies.  But it also means bugs and, in many areas, some seriously annoying pests that can seriously impact your time outdoors.  Nature is here to help!  Plant some …

Unexpected Container Gardening: Fruits

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Nothing is better than fresh fruit. Except fresh fruit picked from our own garden. But we don’t always have the space for rows of beautiful orchards, or the year-round climate to grow everything we love. The solution? Container gardening! Many of our favorite fruits…

Unexpected Container Gardening: Veggies

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We love to combine our passion for gardening with our love of great food.  As spring settles in, it’s the perfect time to plant unexpected but easy veggies that will provide great flavor and unsurpassed nutrients. What’s easier than walking out your door, picking some beautiful produce, and cooking it or throwing it in a salad…

Tomato Time: Grow Amazing Container Tomatoes This Summer

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The blissful season of fresh tomatoes is rapidly approaching and we can’t wait for that homegrown tomato taste that’s almost impossible to replicate. But we don’t always have the space, wherewithal, or perhaps beautiful dirt to plant directly into perfectly manicured gardens. Our solution…

Trimming, training, and other tips to create your own Container Topiary

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From geometric shapes to whimsical forms, topiaries have been inspiring our gardens for centuries.  The horticultural practice of training live plants into a clearly defined shape is an integral element in many gardens, adding a living sculpture…