Custom Solutions


Custom Staining

We are able to customize our Italian Terracotta through a unique, in-house staining process.  This allows you to achieve the perfect compliment to your outdoor space, while maintaining quality, durability, and beauty. Each piece is stained on site by hand using a step by step process to ensure that your pieces will be an artful statement for many years. Email us to learn more about the possibilities.

One of a Kind Pieces

Custom1We work with artisans around the world to produce custom pieces. If you wish to consider a truly one-of a-kind piece, please contact us at We offer customization in Italian terracotta, Italian Limestone, and European Ceramics and are happy to receive drawings and specifications to meet your needs. One of our experts will work with you during a step-by-step process to complete your project. As each piece is made completely by hand and especially for you, please consider that production times will be longer than usual and will vary depending on the complexity of the piece.