Caring for our products:


Proper maintenance is recommended to protect any outdoor planter or fountain from the freeze-thaw cycles that occur in winter. Any piece that may accumulate or absorb water and ice during winter is vulnerable to frost damage. To minimize possible winter damage and prolong the life of your outdoor products, please follow these guidelines:


Caring For Our Products1All planters should be raised off the ground using pot risers or other material such as wood or bricks. Gravel or terracotta shards should be placed at the bottom of the planter before filling to maintain proper drainage. Failure to follow these guidelines may cause blocked drainage holes, leading to damage to your planter during freezing periods.

Italian Terracotta

Caring For Our Products2Italian Terracotta planters are highly sought after for their craftsmanship, beauty, and most of all, durability against frost damage. Our collection includes planters from two regions in Italy: Impruneta and Siena. Planters from Impruneta are considered heirloom quality, carefully crafted using centuries-old methods. Because of the unique mineral content, pots from Impruneta are guaranteed against frost damage to -20 degrees, provided proper care is given as described above. Planters from Siena are also extremely durable, resistant against frost to approximately 10-15 degrees. Below these temperatures, we suggest protecting from the elements by either moving to a covered area or wrapping with a water resistant cover. With proper care, planters from Siena will also last for many years. Learn more about Italian Terracotta.

European Ceramics

Caring For Our ProductsECTraditional European Ceramics are fired at a temperature lower than other planters to preserve the beautiful designs and colors. Due to this, we recommend that you bring your European ceramics indoors during freezing months. If water is left to freeze in and around the piece, the glaze and structure of the piece may be damaged.  Learn more about European Ceramics.

Cast Iron Collection

Caring For Our Products4All cast iron pieces will rust over time, which is part of the inherent beauty of iron containers. If you wish to retain the finish as purchased, consult your local hardware store for clear sealant products, which are commercially available to preserve the finish. While our cast iron containers are durable against frost damage, we still recommend following our guidelines above for proper winter care. Shop Cast Iron.

Fountains & Birdbaths

Caring For Our Products5Remove all pumps, rubber stoppers, drain pipes, finials and small components of your fountain during winter. Cover the top of your fountain or birdbath during winter, making sure that water does not accumulate in the basin and freeze. A fountain cover may be used for this. Fountain pumps, finials, and other small components should be stored indoors. Check the fountain or birdbath top periodically to insure that the cover is secure and water is not accumulating in any fountain component.  Shop Fountains.